Reading with Mommy and Me!

For ALL Toddlers ages 18-36 months

Give your toddler a jump start in early preschool skills and lay the foundation for a love of reading!

Reading with Mommy and Me provides a fun learning environment for moms and toddlers to explore early reading skills and effective teaching strategies

         - The group will offer toddlers a structured and multisensory experience that
           can translate into a smooth preschool transition

        - We will introduce a thematic experience each week that will include a new   
          book covering subjects from social skills, to self-help skills, to early
          academic skills like colors, letters, shapes, and animals.

       - We will create a positive circle time environment while we engage your child
         with story read alouds brought to life by puppets, songs, and activities

       - The theme of the class will be incorporated into the book we read, the songs
         we sing, the toys we play with, and the activities we do.

       - We will explore the alphabet and theme of the day through multiple medias
         to enhance that mulitsensory approach.

       - We will work with visuals to encourage language development and letter

The National Institute for Literacy and the Partnership for Reading report that reading skills start from birth and "early experiences with spoken and written language set the stage for children to become successful readers and writers."

Reading is such an important part of your child's education and future so let's start now and give them the best opportunity to succeed!

Groups are held in 12 week sessions with monthly payment plans available. Space is limited to 7 Mommy and Toddler pairs so reserve your space now!